Water Softeners

Hard and un-filtered water is the cause of the following problems

1. Hair loss and dandruff. Soap lathering and washing off problems while having a bath.
2. Skin allergies caused by calcium and magnesium clogging up our skin pores and causing pimples and rashes.
3. Reduces the life of your clothing and causing all fabrics to become hard and abrasive to the skin.
4. Due to deposits of calcium and magnesium in your water pipes, taps, and showers. Over time the scaling and choking will occur leading to expensive replacement and repairs. Heating elements in geysers and kettles get coated with calcium and magnesium and consume more electricity and burn out in a matter of months.

All of the above problems can be solved by a water softener.

Method of Operation: The water softener is placed on the roof of your building, and before the water tank. When you pump up water to your overhead tank, the water passes through the plant, first it is filtered then softened and goes through to your overhead tank. The flow capacity of the water softener plant has to match the flow your pump generates, ie if you are pumping up 1000 liters per hour you need a water softener of flow rate 1000 LPH, and so on for higher flow rates. We will offer a water softener suitable for you needs depending on, your daily water usage, and water hardness. All water softeners require a salt recharge after certain usage. This can only be worked out after we have checked your water hardness; this is a simple operation and takes about 20 / 25 minutes to do.